Tuesday, November 10, 2009


JT has memorized just one phone number and it's a certain number in California.  He calls often, filling in his grandparents on the big and small events of our life in New Jersey.  They figure large in his life and I'm glad of it. 

Last night, as I was tucking JT into bed, he told me his stomach hurt.  After nearly two weeks in town we were saying good bye to his grandparents the next morning and it was easy to diagnose his problem; I too had an unsettled feeling.

It's hard to say goodbye.

I've been away from home for more than 20 years now and I don't get homesick anymore.  Home is here in New Jersey, with the seasons and the woods and our lovely old home.  But my parents are getting older, a fact more evident when you only see them twice a year.  And since I became a single parent, I've felt incredibly vulnerable.  Time with my family eases those fears.  For the days that we are together my world feels fuller; less at risk.

Add to that the fact that for the last few weeks I've come home to a fresh-made supper (Grandpa made some incredible chicken enchiladas last night) and laundry baskets filled with clean clothes (my mother washed everything....I ran short of hangers!), and they will be very much missed.

We played cards last night (Grandma should take her lucky streak to Vegas) and laughed a lot.  This morning, my Dad and I debated health care reform one more time.  We are in agreement that the GOP needs to shut their yap.

They'll be back in the spring to watch a certain young man play baseball.  In the meantime, we'll talk and exchange pictures and resume our long-distance relationship.  But they will be missed.

Safe travels, Grandma and Grandpa.  See you soon.


Paula said...

Hope you enjoyed your time with them. I know from experience that it's never long enough. I also have that experience of watching them grow older and frailer each time I visit them.

Shark Butt said...

Safe home for the sassafras grandparents!