Saturday, August 13, 2011

Real Life Conversations with JT: Eat Your Veggies edition

The backstory: JT often likes to play restaurant critic, usually at the supper table, and invariably to criticize some sort of food option that he feels is unwarranted (say the offering of fruit or veggies for his consumption).  On Thursday, he had a hot dog for supper.  It came with a bowl of fresh Jersey peaches, sliced for his easy consumption.  The food critic in him was not impressed.

JT:  This meal would be far better of it came with potato chips.

Mama:  Oh?

JT:  Yes, potato chips are perfect with hot dogs.

Mama:  I think you need to eat more fruits and veggies, not less.  I think that we should get rid of the hot dog and you can have some roasted zucchini to go with those tasty peaches.

On second thought, this meal is just perfect, Mama.

Good save, kid.

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Nichole said...

Sometimes when I know the kids are really hungry and I'm out of a more healthy starch option (like whole wheat pasta or roasted potatoes or something) I make garlic toast with lots of butter and cheese. Now every day Brody says, "Oh dang. I wanted garlic bread," or "What?! Where's the garlic bread?" I'm not making that complaining little turd anymore garlic bread until he compliments one, just one, other thing I cook for supper.