Friday, May 11, 2012

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

I clean my bathrooms once a week.  So it is that every 7 days, I scrub down the facilities.  Somewhere at the half way point of each week, I give the toilet a scrub and a wipe down because I live with a boy.  I trust that I needn't say more on that matter.

I write that as if I somehow have standards of decency; as if this isn't a blog entry about the state of my bathrooms and the joys of cleaning the toilet.


Each week, as day 7 approaches I have a look at the bathroom and think, "hmmmm…..maybe this can go an extra day."  The thought typically enters my mind on day 5.  On day 6, I doubt that notion.  Then day 7 dawns and it's as if during the overnight hours a truckload of filthy farm animals has stopped by to use the facilities, washing and brushing their coats and urinating freely in the vicinity of the toilet.

You know how this story ends, yes?  I clean on day 7. 

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