Thursday, May 17, 2012

So Much More

Right at the start of mile two on my Saturday morning run, my favorite song of all time floated through the ear buds.  Not that long ago, when the familiar first beat of that Roxy Music song began to play, I would reach for my iPod and press the arrow to move on.  Something about hearing "More Than This" wouldn't feel right to me, a woman who once felt like she had it all, only to have it all disappear, leaving me longing for something more.

Over the years since my ex and I split, I came to terms with what the breakup meant in terms of my past, my present, and certainly my future.  In my son and family, my friends, my cats, and my life,  I finally found a measure of peace.  And from that peace, I gathered the confidence to take the risk to seek just a little bit more from life.  So it is that I found T and a happiness deeper and greater than I could have ever imagined. 

When "More Than This" came over the headphones on Saturday morning, I sighed a happy sigh, turned it up and gloried in all that is and all that will be. 

That's happy.

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