Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Will it help me to time travel?

At some point last fall, T and I were in the car when I spotted a sign for a place called 1800 Mattress.  I was amused, pointed it out to T, and then began to make the kind of jokes that only a history teacher makes: "Is the mattress filled with fresh straw?" and "Do they let you pluck your own geese for the down in your 19th century mattress?"  That sort of thing.  I was just winding up for some quality humor when I realized that T looked confused.  She then patiently explained that it wasn't 1800 Mattress, it was 1-800 Mattress.


From an historical point of view, that's not nearly so thrilling.  However, it does come in handy when you finally admit you need a new mattress.  Which I desperately did, as poor T's back can attest.  A few weeks ago, I fired up the computer and headed over to 1-800 Mattress to order up a replacement mattress.  Within 24 hours, it arrived at my door and seconds after that, T and I scored ourselves a Saturday afternoon nap.  That there is called modern convenience.

Each night, I climb into bed eager to sleep on my new, soft, straw tick.  It's a glorious, glorious thing.


marilyn said...

@futonshop has a huge selection of #mattresses made with green and organic ingredients

Nichole said...

"nap" had better be code for something dirty. ;-)