Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Not Okay

I am a liberal but not really an idealist; I understand that compromises must be made to move things forward.  I don't let my ideal political goals get in the way of good enough.

But in the 12 years since I became a mama there are moments where I feel a blistering anger about some injustice and I want to demand that we make things better.  I know that this request is unreasonable.  I know that life isn't always black and white.  Still, I don't want injustice to persist and I want to right at least some of the wrongs I see.

Case in point: these pictures of the effects of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.   The photos were made at the time of the 2010 spill but thanks to the machinations of British Petroleum were withheld from the public for nearly two years.  This week, Greenpeace succeeded in a Freedom of Information Act request to get the pictures out.

They will make you incredibly angry and then incredibly disappointed in your government.  But you should know what happened and you should know that on this issue and many others,  Greenpeace is hard at work to make it right.

I understand that it's a very small consolation.  But it may be all that we've got.

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