Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May Flowers

In addition to having an early spring, this year's spring has brought us truckloads of nearly perfect weather: mild sunny days, cool nights and loads of sun.  My garden is coming along nicely and there are tomato blooms (blooms! in May!).  But it's the flowers which have truly outdone themselves.  The daffodils, tulips, azaleas, and lilacs have passed.  I've already noted that the rhododendron is lovely
After volumes of angst, the clematis vine, now in its second year, is doing well.
In the backyard, the lily and gladiola bulbs are coming along nicely. 
 The fuchsia in my Mother's Day tea cup has bloomed its lavish flower.
I potted some geraniums for the pot in front of the house.
This year's front porch hanging pots are vivid dark pink New Guinea impatiens.
These flowers greet me every day and with just a few weeks of school remaining, I am looking forward to more time in the garden.   In pursuit of that goal, I've got a few more zinnia seeds to place in the ground. 
With any luck, I'll have fresh cut flowers for August.  That's happy!

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