Sunday, November 04, 2012

Alive and Well!

Greetings to all from the other side of Hurricane Sandy.  Sassafras House and all of its inmates are alive and well.  As of this writing, we don't have power and aren't sure when we will have power.  We came to a friend's house for the day to score some power, get warmed up, and surf the Internet.  That's a very welcome respite from the off-the-grid lifestyle we've had since the lights went out on Monday evening.  I have loads of photos and will post a full report of our hurricane experience as soon as we are electrified again.  Until then, stay well Internet.


Jason Brozek said...

Glad to hear it - we've been thinking about you!

Nichole said...

We are so happy to hear it and are glad you have a place to go for some respite. :-)

Michelle Meislahn said...

whew! so glad to hear it. was worried about you.