Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Empowered Democracy or Why I Support President Obama

Today is election day.  It's also the 8th day that my New Jersey town is without power.  In the midst of some pretty bleak conditions, we were able to vote, thanks to a FEMA-provided generator used to power our fire station and our electronic voting booths.

In another universe, I intended to write a post today about why I am hoping for a Barack Obama victory in this election.  I had a long list of Obama successes to highlight.  But in light of the current state of life in New Jersey, I think just one example will do.  That example is the work of FEMA in our state, including the generator it provided to power democracy for my small town today.  Mitt Romney has called for privatization of disaster relief, an idea that is so hopelessly ignorant and out of touch that I can hardly fathom what he must be thinking.  

President Obama understands that we all flourish when we support one another.   He knows that ours is a government by and for the people; that it is the institution that can make all of our lives better.  He has done right by this nation for the past four years and we need him for the next four.  I voted for a little more hope and change today.  I hope that you will consider doing the same.

11:11 pm
Networks are starting to call this race for President Obama and we came home to a house with electricity.  Amazing election day and one hell of a birthday. This is a November 6 I will never forget.

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Nichole said...

What an amazing birthday present for you! Wishing you many more amazing days ahead!