Monday, November 26, 2012

Showing Some Skin

This morning I hit upon the brilliant idea that I should wax my eyebrows.  Somewhere between consuming my first cup of coffee and unloading the dishwasher, I fired up the microwave to heat up the wax.  Experienced readers (hi, KO) are now getting excited, thinking that yet another story about me waxing off my eyebrow is about to unfold.  Alas, this incident of personal stupidity does not find me sans eyebrow.

It does find me with a burn on my left hand.
Instead of setting the microwave time for 2 minutes, I accidentally hit 4 minutes and only realized that was the case when I came back into the kitchen wondering why the wax wasn't finished heating up.  The sensible among you would have been careful with the wax, realizing that by now it is incredibly hot.  But I am not sensible and while removing the wax from the microwave, I managed to spill liquid wax all over my left hand.  The searing pain of that moment was only briefly offset by the realization that now I would have to find a way to remove wickedly hot wax from my skin.  I contemplated the ways and means of that task while holding my burned hand under the cold water and castigating myself for my incredible stupidity.

Once the wax was cooled, most of it could be pealed off with the help of some warm oil.  Much of my original skin remains.  The same cannot be said for my dignity.  Sometimes it's a wonder I've kept myself alive for 45 whole years.


Shark Butt said...

Please take care of that burn.

Nichole said...

My friend owns a salon and charges me $8 to wax my eyebrows. Since Colby has been unemployed, I thought about waxing them myself.