Saturday, August 17, 2013

Coming Out of the Pink Closet

JT's bedroom has two closets and for a house as old as ours, they are fairly spacious.  That's the good news.  But both are painted a horrid shade of pink (the previous homeowners had two daughters and bad taste in paint colors).   It's a particularly virulent shade but as it's been kept behind closed doors, we had learned to live with it.
Over the years, this closet has been filled with nonsense, as closets often are.  There was a big clean-out when the bathroom was remodeled (originally, the bathroom plumbing was accessed via the door in the closet seen above).  But we never really took full advantage of the space.

This past week, while JT was away, T and I sought to remedy the situation.  Our goal was to make the closet more useful, with space for JT's athletic gear and baseball card collection.  And we decided to eradicate the pink, if only to ease the horror associated with opening the closet.  Paint coat 1 found the closet a pale pink.
Two coats made for a vast improvement.  
This was a more annoying painting project than T and I anticipated because of the sheer volume of pink paint (even the ceiling was pink) and the tight spaces, which meant that only one person could paint at a time.  We also updated the white woodwork trim in the room and refreshed the door while we were at it, so painting took most of Sunday.

That job complete, we turned ourselves to the fun part of this task: organizing the now sparkling closet space.  Lots of shelves and a sturdy hook were added.

Then,  JT's things were loaded on the empty shelves.  Pictures were made, of course.  And that's a post for another day.

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