Thursday, August 08, 2013

The Boys

I made several efforts to make a picture of JT with his cousins during our visit.  The boys complained about these efforts, as if it would detract from their busy schedule of watching the telly, playing video games, eating truckloads of food, or swimming in the pool at KO's house.
Since they were born eight weeks apart thirteen years ago, we have referred to JT and S as the "little boys" (to be distinguished from C, the two-years-older "big boy").   You can't quite see it here, but the youngest of the boys, tiny little S on the right, is also the tallest, at 6 foot 2 (and has probably grown since this picture was made three days ago).
JT, a puny 5 foot 7, loves these boys.  His first act upon returning home last night was to sent S an instant message about their fantasy football league.  I'm grateful that the 2000 miles between them seems like nothing to fret about; a mere detail in a world of easy travel and instant messaging.

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