Friday, August 09, 2013

Food Friday: Eating My Failure

I promised icebox pies for Fridays in August and yesterday I set out to make an ice cream pie.  Things started out well for this pie: there was a chocolate crust, creamy mint chocolate chip ice cream, fudge, whipped cream and cherries.
The softened ice cream was easily spread on the crust.
And then I overheated the fudge and made one hell of a mess.  T announced that we must "eat our failures" and this pie went into the freezer overnight to make it more manageable.
It's rather a disaster to look at, but I suspect that with a base alloy of ice cream and hot fudge it will still taste terrific.  Later today, I will cut slices, top them with a dollop of freshly whipped cream and a cherry and then we will eat my very yummy failure.

To make your own ice cream pie, you need:

- 1 prepared crust (chocolate or graham cracker)
- 1 tub of ice cream, softened
- 1 jar ice cream topping (I used hot fudge)
- freshly whipped cream
- cherries

Scoop the softened ice cream into the crust and then place in the freezer for a few hours.  Once the ice cream is solidly frozen, spread slightly warmed topping on the ice cream.  Put the pie into the freezer for at least six hours.  Serve with whipped cream and a cherry on each slice.  My pie was mint chocolate chip with hot fudge, but any number of combinations are an option.  Consider:
- butter pecan ice cream with caramel topping
- vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate
- strawberry ice cream with chocolate (or strawberry topping)

Really, the sky is the limit.  Rarely does failure taste so sweet.
Updated to reflect KO's reminder to freeze the ice cream before spreading on the warmed topping.

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