Thursday, August 15, 2013

Late Summer

My August visits to California always ensure that I have a chance to envy the growing climate of the state.  My Dad's citrus crops are impressive.
The crape myrtle trees that bloom everywhere (this one is in my sister's front yard) are lovely.
Both are plants that would not flourish in New Jersey.  The Garden State has compensating virtues in the form of beautiful woods and lush green yards.   But August trips usually means that I return to a slightly dried out New Jersey, with grass less lush thanks to the heat, which has typically worn out the good will of growing things.  This year has been a notable exception, with lots of rain and patches of moderate temperatures that have made for a lovely summer.  I cut my thick green grass last night after an incredibly beautiful day.  The late afternoon light, moderate temperatures, and  blue skies were accompanied by a breeze that made me wish that summer would never end.

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