Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jersey Strong

One of the things that T and I have in common is the fact that we aren't New Jersey natives.  In addition to that, we've both lived in the South and the Midwest and so when we see or experience things that are uniquely New Jersey (and that is a long list of nonsense), we can laugh about it together.

Today, T marks the start of her 13th year as a Jersey resident.  To celebrate, we are planning some uniquely New Jersey activities.....

We'll start our day with a breakfast sandwich served on a roll instead of a bun and featuring egg, cheese, and pork roll (Taylor ham is also acceptable).

We'll identify the place we live by the exit it is off of the New Jersey Turnpike or Garden State Parkway.  

We'll drive on said Turnpike and Parkway and we'll use our EZ Pass to do it.

We will honk at the drivers ahead of us as soon as the traffic light turns green.

For that matter, we will pass on the right while driving and talking on our cell phone.

We'll flip off a fellow-driver for no apparent reason.

We'll not pump our own gas.

We'll turn left via a jug handle and then drive through a few traffic circles.

We'll stop at every Dunkin' Donuts we see.

We'll talk about "the shore" (known to the rest of the nation as the beach).

We will end all conversations by saying, "take care" or "yeah, right."

For supper, we'll go to a diner.  I'm having the happy waitress but T has to eat something with scrapple.

Bonus round: we'll try to figure out what the fuck "Jersey Strong" on all those bumper stickers refers to. 

It's a full day.

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