Friday, September 20, 2013


During the work week, I awaken early, right around 5:30.  I enjoy the quiet stillness of early morning and the early hours ensures me some extra time to get started on my day's to do list.  My coffee maker has a setting that allows me to program the coffee pot to automatically start each day and that feature is a big motivating factor in my mornings.  I hear the coffee pot click on as I step in the shower and by the time I come downstairs, the pot has finished brewing and the house smells like coffee.  When I set up the coffee pot in the evening, I always set out a mug and a creamer from my collection to use the next morning.
It's a small thing, this habit, but it brings me happiness and even on the busiest mornings reminds me to stop and appreciate the many blessings in my world, not the least of which is my morning cup of joe.

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