Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Real Life Conversations at School: Digital Age edition

The backstory:  Last year, I began to teach my classes using an iPad and Apple TV.  I learned how to manage the equipment in my classroom and even with the steep learning curve, the process went well.  This year, I teach in three different classrooms, rather upping the ante for use of my high tech devices.  And this year it's 6th graders who watch as I remember how to trouble-shoot the tech issues.  A little more patience and problem solving are the order of the day as I adjust, as it was one morning this past week.

Me (to the class):  While your write your answer to the Do Now exercise, I will try to solve this with the Apple TV problem.  Let's all be patient.

Student X:  What if it doesn't work?

Me:  Well, I think it I can solve the problem, so let's not worry about that quite yet.

Student Y, speaking with the wisdom of youth:  If it doesn't work, you can write on the board.  That won't let us down.

Internet, the digital generation knows a few things.

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