Sunday, September 01, 2013

September 1st: Front Yard Flowerbed

I confess that I find it terribly hard to believe that September 1st is already upon us.  This summer has passed more quickly than I expected and I find myself faced with the reality that leisurely, telexed hours are over.  From a foliage point of view, the backyard dogwood issued a warning a few weeks back, in the form of leaves beginning to turn for the fall.
In the front yard, things are still looking rather lush.

But a quick walk around town reveals other signs of leaves already beginning to change.  In the past month, we've had a few evenings with temperatures in the 50s; more are certainly on the way.  I've hopes that my dahlia will bloom before that happens.
In the meantime, the black-eyed-susans are still prepared to do their part to celebrate the last few weeks of summer.
We've had so much rain this summer that I am still cutting the grass every week.  That I enjoy this garden chore is therefore a very good thing, because I'm nearly always overdue when I get to it (as is the case today).
School will start within the week and the garden will necessarily command less of my time.  But  these plants and garden planning never command less of my interest.  That makes the seasonal change a welcome development, as I turn my attention to preparing the garden for fall.

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