Monday, September 09, 2013

The Back to School Season

Our last long weekend before the start of school was the sort of glorious weather that makes everything better.   There were blue skies with gentle breezes and perfect temperatures.   I spent the days alternating between some of my usual back-to-school chores and soaking up the last bits of unscheduled time.  
Late Friday afternoon, I sat out on the back deck under old man tree for more than two hours, finishing one terrific book and then starting another while I enjoyed an adult beverage.  The light was perfect and the time was a reminder of all the things I love best about summer.  
No doubt I'll miss these relaxed days when school starts in full force later today.  But summer wouldn't taste so sweet if it happened all the time.   The energy and excitement of kids in the hallways gives cadence to my days and motivates me.   And so I face the day - and the school year - with a feeling of promise.

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Nichole said...

Since you are not teaching a government class this year, I suggest designing some assignments I can do to stimulate my weakened brain. Yoga: the practice of clearing your mind. Motherhood: the practice of filling your mind with enough kid-centered activities that only wine can help (or daily yoga). Notice a pattern: mind either empty or full of kid stuff. Need adult discussion. :-)