Saturday, September 21, 2013

Last Call

For me, Labor Day is the traditional signal that summer is ending.  School starts afterward and leisurely mornings are traded in for the routines of bedtimes, alarm clock mornings, and homework.  Of course, the calendar has another notion and the first weeks of school often feature lingering weeks of warmth and sunshine.  Those lovely days can make it awfully hard to stay inside, as has largely been the case this year.  

My calendar reports that summer's real last day is today and glorious as it has been, it deserves a proper send off.  So I grilled some hot dogs, made some potato salad, and sliced some tomatoes from my garden.
Fall starts tomorrow.  Around here, we've already had some cool evenings.  Mother Nature seems ready to load up some beautiful fall leaves.  Cardigan sweaters and scarves are making their appearance.  These things will be embraced in due time.  But today, I held on to the summer.

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