Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Morning After: Digging Out

The blizzard finally stopped late last night.  Snowflakes ended by around 10 pm and the wind eased sometime after.  This morning is sunny and the white snow is bright and lovely.

And abundant.

Because of the drifting, it’s hard to say what our final snow total is, but it’s the most snow I’ve ever seen, easily two feet.  The National Weather Service is still pulling final totals together but it’s safe to say that we have hours of shoveling ahead of us today.

These photos were made from the comfort of the toasty warm indoors.  It will take plenty of coffee and some breakfast before we head out to face the chore.  Just last week, JT was complaining profusely that we’d never have snow again.  

Let’s blame him.

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