Friday, January 01, 2016

In the Backyard Neighborhood: January 1, 2016

For some time now, I’ve made a tradition of marking the passing of the seasons by making a picture of something in my garden and reflecting on the changes it experiences.  When I look closely, month by month, subtle differences begin to emerge and, before I know it, Winter gives way to Spring.  Summer and Fall emerge in turn.  A year flies by and, as it does, I’ve had the chance to appreciate the seasons.

These monthly snapshots are my reminder to appreciate the beauty of each season.  They are also a chance for me to particularly admire a part of my garden, from which I derive great pleasure.  In 2015, I made a picture of my peach tree at the start of each month.  In previous years, I’ve had a monthly look at the line of hostas against the garage and the clematis vine along the fence.  These three items live in the same neighborhood of my yard and in 2016 I plan to mark their collective changes month-by-month.

The hostas, which I love, were here when I moved in.  The peach tree and the clematis vine were my additions, in 2013 and 2010, respectively.    The bird house, which isn’t a growing thing, but is very much a part of this corner of the yard, was a Christmas gift from T two years ago.  This part of the yard can be seen when I come downstairs each morning and I love the seasonal charms it affords.  I look forward to sharing this view at the start of each month in 2016.

With Winter’s arrival, the corner is quiet, despite our unseasonably warm December.  We’ve had plenty of frost but the ground is still well-above freezing and I’ve had the chance to plant a few more bulbs that I’ll enjoy come Spring.  There is time for me to rake more of these wet leaves into the garden patch, but the yard is so wet now that the chore must wait for some dryness.   We still await our first snow. 

Perhaps it will have arrived by February 1st, when I'll check in again with a glimpse of the backyard corner.

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