Saturday, January 16, 2016

Real Life Conversations at School: Career Advice from a Four Year Old edition

The backstory:  You have read before about my friend S’s daughter P, known to me and the world she will shortly conquer as Baby Hot Sauce.  Earlier this week, she stopped by my office on her way home from school and gave me some career advice.

P:  You should get a TV in here (points to the wall).

Me:  A TV?  Why?

P:  Then you can watch what the kids are doing all the time from a camera.

Me:  I don’t need a camera.  I can just look through the doorway, down the hall.  

P:  Yeah, but if you had a camera you’d also be able to see my class.

Me:  I’m sure that your teacher has that covered, sweet pea.

P:  Maybe.

In hindsight, she might have been giving me a warning about the handful headed my way in a few years  I can’t say I wasn’t warned.

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