Thursday, January 28, 2016

New Bloom Thursday: Week 5

Historically, this is the point in the amaryllis growing season when I begin to fear that my bulb is a dud.  It’s in a sunny window; I’m following all the directions, but things seem to be a bit slow to come along.

But a look at photos and reports of my previous amaryllis bulbs reminds me that patience is the order of the day, a lesson for amaryllis growing that is applicable to the rest of life as well.  Last weekend’s snow is still piled everywhere.  The melting is coming along nicely, thanks to sunlight and temps above freezing.  The relative warmth has me thinking of the coming Spring.  I’m giving the amaryllis a daily pep talk so that it remembers to join me in these daydreams of blooms and new life.  In its quiet vibrances it’s telling me, “soon, dear, soon.”

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