Sunday, April 02, 2017

College Boys

My nephew C and his friend K flew East for their Spring Break and made my house their evening rest stop after daily trips on the train into New York City.  Most evenings, they were home in time for supper and our amusement, as these boys wrest everything they could out of the city, walking miles and miles every day.  They had a list of places and things to see and they visited both obvious landmarks and locations and also random places along the way.  My favorite story was hearing that they stopped by the New York Public Library, had a look at the famous lions, and then went inside with their books and read for an hour.  They enjoyed that so much, they made a trip to visit the Brooklyn Public Library for the same purpose.  Perhaps it’s because I am a big reader or perhaps it’s because they are 19 year old boys and such an hour seems unexpected, but I found that charming.  On Saturday night, I cooked up a fried chicken supper and T and I joined them as they polished off a good deal of food.  Then C, K, and JT watched basketball and offered the smart-ass commentary that I have come to expect.  

That’s happy!

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