Friday, April 14, 2017

Food Friday: Crepes!

One of the reasons that I enjoy cooking is that it involves the completion of a project.  Much of my professional life is about works-in-progress and while it’s incredibly rewarding to watch adolescents mature and learn more about the world and themselves, when 8th graders walk out of my daily world and into the 9th grade, they are incomplete.  Even completion of high school is not quite the finished project whereby we can measure our success.  That measure comes later, when students succeed in college and move on to professions that they find satisfying and meaningful.  So a big part of my job requires that I make peace with the notion of works in progress.

Cooking is about completion.  From start to finish, a biscuit is mixed, baked, and then it’s complete and ready to eat.   Much of my cooking is the daily business of putting breakfast on the counter and supper on the table.  I work to vary our choices but in the end I am cooking a lot of the same things.  Days off and holidays give me a chance to make foods that require more time or are otherwise special.  I enjoy those completed projects a great deal and I’m often on the look-out for something new to cook.  

Enter a Good Friday holiday and this crepes recipe.  I saw it earlier this week and thought "I should make that someday." Someday was this morning and it came together just as the instructions said it would, a feature of the Simply Recipes website that makes it my favorite cooking website.  I mixed the batter, poured some in a buttered pan and watched it settle as the edges browned.

I flipped the crepe over (it was easy!).

And behold my new superpower.

That’s happy!

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