Thursday, April 06, 2017

Presidential Prospects

Over Spring Break, T and I took a day and drove a couple of hours north to Hyde Park, New York, where we visited the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library and toured his home, Springwood.  At the house, we saw FDR’s tidy boyhood room.

This room came to mind when my nephew C and his friend K came to visit.  I can’t speak for his home, but the room C slept in while he was at my house suggests that his housekeeping isn’t up to presidential standards.

Of course, this is JT’s room, so I am not exactly in a position to judge.

But K’s bed making skills suggest some serious presidential prospects.

My sister KO and I clearly need some guidance.  Sara Delano Roosevelt is no longer of this earth, so KO and I will look to K’s mom, who seems to have some mad skills.

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Kristin Heimerdinger said...

Confirmed with K's parents that they are not bed makers, and they have no idea where K's skills came from!