Saturday, April 01, 2017

Old Man Tree: April 1st

Careful readers will likely recall my steadfast pledge to spend at least some of Spring Break tearing the poison ivy off of this tree.  The break started promising on this front, with a sunny but cold day.  Then we got nearly a foot of snow and the cold weather to go with it and just like that, the poison ivy earned itself another month of life.  I have got to get after it this month, hopefully before the business of serious growth takes hold.  

And it is surely taking hold.  Though yesterday was cold and rainy, there have been enough warm days combined with the snowmelt and rain to give the grass the fresh green hue that signals Spring is about to take command.  Old Man Tree had some buds that fell in the rain; that's the signal that my tree will begin to green up very shortly.  

This stage of Spring has an expectant air to it that I always enjoy.  The anticipation of the splendid blooms that are on their way fills me with gratitude and excitement.  These branches will look quite different in just one month's time.

That’s happy!

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