Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Logic of a 7 Year Old

Yesterday a friend joined the Sassafras Boy and me for an afternoon of sun, sand, and surf at the beach. On the way home JT announced, "My hair is crunchy and I have sand in my booty."

This was indeed true.......and I explained that it was salt in his hair that made it "crunchy." The sand needed no further explanation.

Two hours later, I suggested that it was time for a shower to wash out the sand and salt. The boy looked at me, incredulous, and asked, "why?"

As if that crunchy hair standing up on his head wasn't enough of an explanation.....and I won't even mention the sand.


Sharkb said...

The crunchy haired, sandy booty look is working for him!

Shelley said...

I especially like the weary expression on his face. He's onto your blogging ways, for certain sure.