Friday, August 24, 2007

My (Deeply Disturbed) Life

School starts in a couple of weeks, meaning I will be required to dress like a grown up (bye bye flip flops) and teach America's youth. So I am in preparation mode, getting myself organized for the grind that is being a working single mama.

I have uploaded a photo of the chaotic floor in my bedroom, where all my big back-to-school creative brain power is being deployed. What we have here is books, shoes, my laptop, and laundry. These are pretty much the four essential ingredients in my life. I sit on my big bed (see photo), and listen to NPR while I work on stuff for teaching. It's like college all over again in that the bed is the apex of all intellectual thought. The cats often join me though their agenda is somewhat different from mine and tense discussions are sometimes overheard.

And now I shall reveal my fool-proof system for the creation of quality lessons in American Government: I write down what I want to say; I fine-tune with relevant details. Then, and only then, I check what Lowi and Ginsburg say about said topic in their bible of an American Government book. If my lesson is less dull than Lowi and Ginsburg, it stays. If not, that's why the computer has that handy delete button. No one taught this method in teacher school (perhaps because I didn't actually go to teacher school) but I'm pretty freakin' sure that it will revolutionize American education.


Shelley said...

Go on with your rockingly revolutionary self!

PS: saw Jaxter today... lookin' good...

Sharkb said...

A lovely insight into the magic and where it all happens.