Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What JT Knows

I've had occasion of late to think about being a parent and just what that means. Not to me, really, but rather to my son. What does JT know about me, his Mama?

He knows that Mama laughs when he laughs and that Mama hurts when he hurts.

He knows that Mama never gives up and she never gives in (unless it's giving in to a request for extra chocolate sauce......then she might give in).

He knows that Mama is good for fun (a bike ride every afternoon this summer? sounds good to me) and Mama takes care of business (beds are made, clothes are washed, supper is on the table, teeth are brushed, there's a bedtime story every night.......and so much more). And sometimes, Mama makes sure that taking care of business is fun.

He knows that Mama is truly interested in the things that fascinate him and that she always has time for his ideas, his hopes, and his dreams.

He knows that though she struggled mightily, Mama stayed in the fight. He knows that Mama loves him with every fiber of her being. He knows that he comes first. He knows that he's perfect just the way he is (though a bath now and then wouldn't hurt). And that Mama is always here for him.


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Sharkb said...

And he does know. May even agree on the bath part!