Sunday, August 05, 2007

Real Life Conversation, Worry Wart Edition

On Friday night, our friends Miss C and her fiance J came over for supper. While J was a good sport who endorsed a forced march of activities supervised by the young man of the house, Miss C and I talked and reviewed plans for her upcoming wedding.

Later in the evening, we all looked at the return postcards for that wedding. Miss C was fretting that the return address font was too small. She was working up a full-blown anxiety attack, when JT, no stranger to worrying women, intervened to help.

JT (looking at the postcard): It's fine. I can see all the letters and if I could read, I'd be able to read the words.

Anxieties dismissed.


Sharkb said...

JT has a distinctly comforting mien about him!

JAXTER said...

thankfully we have children in our world and they have an incredible intelligence and an ability to see that which we are unable to see - particularly JT!!!