Thursday, December 06, 2007

30 lbs of Stapler Power

Sometimes, when I require a little extra motivation to get out of the flannel sheets in my nest and go to work in the morning, I think of the stapler in my classroom. I feel pretty strongly about's mine. It has some sort of innovative spring that enables me to have 30 lbs of stapler pressure at just the touch of a finger. I can staple whatever I damn well please.

That kind of power is just intoxicating.

But the other day my stapler went missing. It had been seen in first period but was MIA when I needed it during 2nd period. My two day investigation revealed a few suspects but I wasn't able to apprehend the perp. So a new stapler has been procured..........and liberally identified as belonging to room 211. Let's hope this one sticks around because a cold wind is blowing and I can already hear those flannel sheets calling me to sleep in tomorrow.


Sharkb said...

Gotta love a girl and her power tools.

JaneDoe, Extraordinaire! said...

Amen! Nothing brightens up a day like playing with power tools.