Monday, December 10, 2007

Real Life Conversations at Prep School

My 9th graders are working on projects in class and, as they worked, they were talking. Talking about dictionaries.

JM: I'm hard-core; I like a regular old dictionary.

JP: Yeah, I know that is okay, but I really like to look in the dictionary and read the whole entry. Then I can read about other words.

I found this conversation comforting. If the 14 year old digital natives like an old-fashioned paper dictionary, then my preference for one doesn't make me hopelessly old-fashioned. It makes me old-school cool.

Or that's what I'm going to pretend.

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JaneDoe, Extraordinaire! said...

I am feeling a generous amount of jealousy over the fact that your students even have a preference on dictionary format.