Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What Santa and George W. Bush Have in Common

It is a reality of life with a 7 year old that, more than most people, we discuss body functions. Just saying the word 'fart" sends a 7 year old into paroxysms of laughter. Saying it repeatedly is even better.

But I was startled to be informed by the boy that neither Santa nor the president farts. He was washing up in the shower, with a head full of suds, when the announcement was made. When I countered that all animals fart, JT denied such a slanderous claim. The subject was not open for debate and so we moved on to a more dubious discussion: how do Santa's reindeer poop when they are flying from the North Pole?

I expect that the resident expert will soon formulate an explanation for this most pressing issue.


J.Bro said...

Thank goodness we're having a little girl, and will only have to discuss unicorns, rainbows, and ribbons. I mean, I assume that's all girls talk about, right?

Gill said...

You gotta love 7yo boys LOL!! I haven't been blogging much, so it was good to catch up with your blog today. If I don't pop around before the 25th, I hope you and JT have a wonderful Christmas :-)

Sharkb said...

A seven year old girl of my acquaintance invited me into a restroom stall to admire her turd and as luck would have it she's quite entertained by farts. As her 5 year old sister is the same way, I think you've got fart chat in your future despite the childs gender.

JAXTER said...

I think it should be obvious that Santa's reindeer have poop bags just like the horses that pull the carriages in Central Park - they are just invisible! Don't you think? And now I know why Bush is so full of hot air and shit, thanks JT!