Saturday, December 15, 2007

Celebration Friday

Yesterday was the 2nd grade holiday show. JT played Super expert on Santa Claus. It was typecasting.

The parents provided finger foods for the after-show celebration and so earlier in the week JT and I cut out and frosted sugar cookies.

He was very proud of his offerings, though I worried that the cookie-to-frosting ratio was 1:1. It's a good thing that I make a thick sugar cookie.

After the show, Santa arrived to visit the children. JT tried to adopt the sophisticated veneer of not giving a darn, but he was pleased and excited to sit on Santa's lap.

It was also the day when I brought cookies to my students. Each class arrived in my room to find a cookie tray. I like to bring an impressive celebration their way, so this year's cookie tray featured:
- crispy oatmeal cookies
- molasses cookies
- peanut butter cookies with chocolate kiss
- chocolate dipped almond shortbread cookies
- rocky road fudge
- chocolate peppermint chip
- sugar cookies
- chocolate-dipped pretzels

Nothing says "it's time to learn" like cookies. Lessons began as everyone munched on a treat.

So yesterday was a day in which the mama and teacher in me were equally satisfied. It was a good day.

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