Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Daffodil Tuesday: Week 4

Jersey Spring comes in fits and starts in the month of April and the last few days have been a perfect example of that. On Sunday, we had sun and warmth, and the glories of Spring. Both JT and I spent some of the day outside; we took a late afternoon walk wearing short sleeves. Yesterday, we drove to school in a warm rain and then enjoyed a mid-morning thunderstorm. That storm delivered a cold rain for the rest of the day and our drive home. This morning is sunny but breezy and cool; we had frost last night. Temps today will struggle to get over 50 degrees. That leaves the daffodils closed up for yet another few days. Maybe some flowers for next week?


Missy said...

Oh thunderstorms, I can't wait for those! I should give you a heads up that I'm hoping to learn lots from your gardening this year. I'd love to have a garden and flowers, but I can't seem to keep anything alive longer than a week.

Nichole said...

I'm with Missy. . .my gardening skills are not great. I wouldn't even calll them good, necessarily. Can't wait to see the flowers.