Saturday, April 18, 2009

Real Life Conversations with JT: Don't Break My Cover Edition

The last two days have featured a glorious spring warmth and sun that has landed JT outside each afternoon. On Friday, I joined him outside, reading on the back deck. He was involved in one of his imaginary games and I was instructed to ignore him. It's a little hard to ignore your 9 year old as he runs through the yard with a collection of sticks, assaulting (or fleeing) his imaginary foes, but I did my best. And then he came behind the big tree, nearly flush with the deck, and stood there silently, less than four feet away from me. After a few minutes of him standing there in silence, I spoke to him.

Mama: Hi there.

JT: I was hiding, you know. Now they will catch me and kill me. It will be your fault.

Obviously, this incident may qualify as my most serious parenting error


Jason said...

Clearly, he shouldn't have pointed out that you exaggerated the threat from Iraq. There had to be backlash.

Nichole said...

I love little boys and their games, but why does someone always have to end up dead? I don't remember my friends and I ever playing a game where someone ended up dead. Boys. . . gotta love them and their testosterone.

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Missy said...

JT is hilarious! I always find myself laughing out loud at your "real life conversations"!