Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Scary Basketball

Monday night's final men's basketball game found JT on the sidelines. When you are a 9 year old, a 9:21 pm tip-off is bad news. JT took it in stride, having mastered the DVR a long time ago. He got to watch the game until the first time out and then was bundled off to his nest. As I turned on his sleepy time music, he told me that he planned to think about happy things as he fell asleep. Happy things in this case are a trip to the local water park with his buddy B. Life as it should be.

I came downstairs to watch the game. It's not nearly as much fun without the boy but I was grateful for one thing: missing all the scary commercials. It's been a persistent grievance of mine since the tournament began. I know that basketball is boy land (what with the ads for cars, deodorant, and beer, what else can it be?), but must boy land also feature endless ads for movies and TV shows featuring crime scenes, missing children, hauntings, and killings?

Call me crazy, but real-life is plenty scary enough without my 9 year old having to see that nonsense.


Nichole said...

It's the same with a lot of daytime t.v. for women. It's all tampons, yeast infections, pregnancy tests, and laundry soap. All just as scary in my eyes.

Chelle said...

I'm with you - there are a number of commercials for scary tv shows and movies that I'm not allowed to watch!