Sunday, April 05, 2009

Real Life Conversations with JT: Donner Party Edition

The backstory: In recent weeks, JT has been involved in a trifecta or physical activity-eating-growing that strains the boundaries of my grocery budget, not to mention the length of his pants (let me just say it now: thank heavens for the coming of shorts season). The result is that life in my home is accompanied by the constant sound of a basketball being bounced in the driveway. Except when that sound is interrupted for the sound of the pantry doors being opened and closed as a hungry boy seeks sustenance. Saturday morning his baseball team participated in the Little League opening day parade. Afterward, we got breakfast at a local diner and then returned home. Mama took a nap (that parade started at 8 am on a cold Saturday folks, cut me some slack); JT went outside to play basketball. Two hours later found me still tucked under the covers of my bed, having this conversation with the boy.

JT: I'm hungry.

Mama: Ok.

JT: Will you make me some lunch?

Mama: You had pancakes and bacon just two hours ago.

JT: I'm hungry. Can I eat your ear?

Mama: All right, I get the point. I'll make you a snack.

JT: Well make it snappy, lady, or I'll have to eat your leg.


Sharkbuttocks said...

Hmmm, this sounds like awfully adventurous eating for a boy who approaches a small slice of mango like it might contain poison.

Nichole said...

I bet you'd taste like chicken nuggets. :)