Monday, April 06, 2009

When LIfe Gives You Cake in Crumbles

This past weekend offered very little in terms of relaxation and a whole lot in terms of an endless loop of tasks to be completed. Among those chores was the requirement that I bake a cake to be cut in the shape of Atlantic County, New Jersey.

Now this is the sort of assignment I would normally enjoy. But it says a lot about my weekend that the first go-round turned out like this.

Because what I really wanted to do this weekend is bake TWO cakes.


Nichole said...

You really DID want to bake two cakes so you could have one cake and eat one, too. I'm sure the boy didn't complain. :)

JAXTER said...

But I know even in its crumbled form it tasted amazing... as only the Sass Mom can do!

Sharkbuttocks said...

Speaking as a native New Jerseyan forming a cake in the shape of a county is a very civilized thing to do, but being a native New Jerseyan the thought presently overwhelming me is that no matter how hard one tries one cannot polish a turd and Atlantic County is right at NJ's rectum. (rectum, damn near killed 'em). We're here til Tuesday, try the veal.

Jason said...

I only bake cakes in the form of square or slightly rectangular counties. It's just a personal moral code I try to live by.