Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer Preview

The weekend featured a taste of summer with temps in the 90s on both Saturday and Sunday. JT had two baseball games (and had three hits out of five at bats). My friend E joined me at the game on Saturday evening and the cousins A & T surprised me at Sunday's 1 pm game (and may I note that it takes real friends to watch a Little League game on a 90 degree afternoon). I planted the rest of my garden late Sunday afternoon and JT and I wrapped up our weekend with a back deck card game while we waited for our outdoor supper to finish on the grill.
The boy even persuaded me to light up the fire pit for a few roasted marshmallows; it's a good thing that I keep the ingredients for smores in the pantry.
At supper last night, JT had so many favorite parts of his day (the surprise game visit by Miss A and Miss T; his double; winning Sunday's game; roasting marshmallows) that he couldn't settle on just one favorite part of his day.

I call that a success.

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