Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 25th

Mama's Home Improvement Summer Camp ends this morning, when I return to work for the meetings which proceed the actual teaching.  I won't have students in the clutches of my classroom until right after Labor Day, but the meetings signal the start of the academic cycle.  Not to mention the end of flip flop season.

Though I'm sorry to have to set the alarm clock again, part of me is relieved to exchange my paintbrush for a piece of chalk.  Once I'm back at work then I will have neither the time nor (hopefully) the inclination to invent house projects for myself.  And after my home improvement summer, that's a welcome change.

Plus, when I do come home from work, it will be to my well-ordered house, the outcome of all my summer labors.  Earlier this year, I could sit in one spot in the living room and see the half-stripped hallway, the cracks in the dining room ceiling, and the repaired kitchen ceiling in need of paint.  Now I can sit in that same spot and see all the work I've completed.  I'm proud of everything I got done this summer and not a little relieved that seasonal change is at hand.

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