Thursday, August 05, 2010

Man Purse, circa 2003

As part of the summer clean out that is happening at my house, JT agreed to clean out the basket that rests at the base of the stairs.  At the very bottom, he found a little bag that my mom made for him a few years ago.  He called it his truck bag and he loved it.
When JT was a three year old, the truck bag was an essential part of his day.  In it's time, this man-purse carried trucks, pirates, rocks, and other pieces of essential toddler detritus.  It was washable and handy.  We carried it everywhere.
To see him carry it now is a bit like watching a giant turned loose. I always knew that the little boy who carried the truck bag would grow up. But I never quite understood how damned fast it would happen.

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Nichole said...

Nice. He might be one of those "men" who can carry off a purse. :-) Did you hear Glenn Beck say that real men don't bring reusable bags to the market for their groceries? He said he double bags in plastic just to piss of liberals. I'm thinking about sending him a train bag...