Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Completing the Ceiling Quad-fecta

The final ceiling due for painting in my house is the kitchen ceiling.  The water leak there precipitated the bathroom renovation and so, technically speaking, this repair is also a function of that job.  The carpenter and plumber who completed the bathroom repaired the ceiling.  All that remains is for me to clean and paint it.

Is there anything more fun than painting a kitchen ceiling in August?  Easy-peasy and all that.

The rub at the moment is that I'm not sure which color to use.  The current color is a creamy white; it matches the wood trim in the room.  I could get a can of that paint or I could go ahead and use bright white; the color used in every other ceiling in the house.
The current color looks fine, and so I'm not adverse to repeating it.  But there are some good arguments for switching to bright white.  First of all, a different color makes it easier to see what has been painted and what hasn't, a huge advantage when one is painting ceilings.  Second of all, the slightly brighter color might make this room a little lighter, which would be nice.  Third, I have white ceiling paint on hand and that might save me the cost of another gallon.
I remain indecisive on this question and so I'm turning to you, Internet.  Photos show the current ceiling (as well as the plaster patches applied courtesy of the bathroom leak earlier in the year). What say you?  Stay with the creamy color or go to bright white? 

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Shereen said...

Bright white! Bright white! Definitely cheerier and cleaner-looking.