Monday, August 23, 2010

Rednecks: Jersey Style

When I lived in Nebraska there was no shortage of pickups making a statement.  NRA membership proclamations, gun racks, anti-abortion bumper stickers, the Stars and Bars….all found themselves a very happy home in the Cornhusker state and, in defiance of stereotypes, far more then I ever saw when I lived in Tennessee.

I've been in New Jersey for 8 years and I've only rarely seen similar pronouncements.  But I saw a redneck pickup this weekend in the Target parking lot.  And in keeping with the In-Your-Face New Jersey attitude, the statements on this pickup were so far beyond the boundaries of good taste that I was startled into making pictures of them for the purposes of deriding the character of the pickup's owner right here on the Internet.
In case the words aren't clear, the back of the pickup has a short treatise in favor of hunting, the second amendment, gun ownership and a parting line which reads, "have you eaten a fawn lately?"  Why no, sir, I don't believe I have.

Lest that not offend, the gas tank cover reads, "diesel-only, towel head."
New Jersey is a state in which pump-your-own gas isn't an option; all fuel stations here are full-serve.  And lots of gas stations employ hard-working, first generation immigrants, many of whom are unlikely to speak English at home.  I can't imagine what it must be like to be one of those men confronted by that sign when pumping gas on a hot afternoon.  That they don't instantly fill the tank with sugar is an indication that some people attend to their karma with a lot more care than the driver of this pickup.

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Nichole said...

#1 - This guy was at Target? Are you SURE it wasn't Wal Mart?
#2 - If I see one more anti-abortion billboard on the highways here in good ol' NE, I will probably have to get pregnant just so I can have a spite abortion.
#3 - HAHAHAHAHA! Put unleaded in that guy's tank and pretend you couldn't read English. Towelhead.?!
#4 - I think I saw this truck's owner on the Internet...he's the president of the Glenn Beck fan club.
#5 - Are you SURE it wasn't my Dad? All that stuff sounds like shit he would spew. Love ya dad, but please stop being one of Rush's minion.