Monday, August 02, 2010

Real Life Conversations with JT: Privacy edition

The backstory: We were eating supper at a friend's house on Saturday evening.  JT and the other boys each had a plastic cup to drink from and at one point I was seeking a sip of water, so I called upstairs to ask JT what color cup he'd been using.  He told me and I helped myself.  Later that night, as I was tucking him into bed, he returned to that conversation.

JT:  When you asked me what color cup I used, I was confused.

Mama:  Oh yeah?

JT:  Yeah, I thought of the other kind of cup (the one I wear when I play baseball) and so I was going to tell you "The color doesn't matter, Mama, just get the right size."

Mama:  Oh my.

In the future, a more descriptive word choice is in order.

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Danny Grjonko said...

That is absolutely priceless. I hope next year's class hears this one after they've been good at taking notes one day.