Monday, March 12, 2012

Dogwood Monday: Week One

Spring is coming earlier than usual around my corner of New Jersey.  Today has a forecast high of 69 degrees and the week promises warm temperatures ahead of that.   I always enjoy seasonal change and this year's Spring transition is no different.  When I was outside yesterday I noticed that my dogwood tree is just starting to bud.   It looks lovely against the vivid blue sky.  For the next few Mondays, I plan to make a picture of my blooming dogwood and to enjoy its progress.
Last summer's hurricane brought down one of the neighbor's backyard trees and that means that the dogwood gets a lot more sunlight.  The change will certainly help to bring the blooms out earlier, though I don't recall the tree blooming this early before.
The rest of the backyard is also getting in on the act, with blooms on the big oak, the hydrangea, and the clematis vine (this last is very good news as I feared that vine would not come back).  With time off this week and such warm weather I expect that I will be getting some quality time in the garden.  And I'm crossing my fingers that our early spring is also a long spring.

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