Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vocabulary with T: Shimmy-Shake

So far, the Vocabulary with T series has explained jimmy-jangled and coo-coo le crazy.  This month's new vocabulary word is one that proves useful when you are in need of movement, especially movement that you welcome. 

Need to walk across the room?  You should shimmy-shake on over there.  Plan to drive a few miles down the road?  You can shimmy shake on down the interstate.  If you're headed up north this afternoon to wish your sweetie a Happy Birthday, then you're going to shimmy shake on over to her home.  Near as I can tell, if you are engaged in a shimmy-shake, you are having a good time. 

For example, no one shimmy-shakes on over to the oral surgeon.  No one shimmy-shakes downstairs to do the laundry.   In fact, characterizing movement to those activities as a shimmy-shake might even be coo-coo le crazy.

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