Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Lima Bean Tree

T sometimes jokes that one must "know your audience."  This advice is particularly relevant when you're called upon to deliver unwelcome news.  But the "know your audience" rule is also handy when gift-giving, as T found when she gave me a lima bean plant for Valentine's Day.  It's not a gift that everyone would welcome, but I am not everyone.  I was thrilled.

As advertised, the lima bean seed was engraved with the phrase "I love you" which would appear as the plant germinated.  This is is the perfect "know your audience" gift as I like being loved and I like lima beans.  That there is a win-win.

The plant has continued to thrive and this weekend it got a new pot and a small climbing trellis.  I will eventually transplant the lima bean into the garden but for now, it's on the front porch, serving as my lima bean tree.

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